Saturday, April 13, 2013

TEACHING - the new alcohol

In college, people would ask me:
Do you like vodka?” “Sure.”

Wine?” “Oh, yeah.”

Whiskey?” “Definitely!”

Do you like-“ “Just give it to me, and I’ll drink it.”

Eventually I coined the phrase: “I love all of God’s alcohols.”

I’ve had a lot of changes over the past few years: kid, house… okay, not a lot of changes, but big ones. Maybe there haven’t been so many because I’m not a big “change” guy. I like consistency. I eat the same exact lunch every day, drives my wife crazy.

Yet going back a few years ago, there is something new, something I never would've expected: Coffee. It was never interesting to me until recently. For all my life I was horrified at the idea of people spending tons of money for a fancy Starbucks every morning. And one of my friends in high school was so caffeine-addicted that he got headaches if he went for 12 hours without a Mountain Dew. For those and whatever reasons, I didn't see the point.

Maybe it’s that our grocery store gives free samples. Maybe it’s having a child. And then there’s my school. There are always two pots ready to serve.

everyone who drinks from that should be contributing, too, whoever you moochers are!
There’s one last big reason. Coffee gives you that extra comfort you’re looking for, but you’re actually allowed to drink it at school. It’s normal. It’s everywhere. Half of the teachers have a drink in hand when kids enter in the morning. That wouldn’t float with beer.


Coffee is the new alcohol.

But DON’T worry – I’m still very traditional and am not looking for a replacement for non-school life. Some things never change.

 choose, but choose wisely